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Executive/Senior Executive/Assistant Manager Business Analytics

Job Description

The successful candidate will be part of SIA’s Customer Experience Department to implement analytics (Data science models, Tableau dashboard visualisation) on customer-centric data, so that the insights and outcomes can be applied to improve personalisation efforts for customers and enhance their end-to-end experience and satisfaction.

The key responsibilities include:

• Lead and develop customer-centric analytics initiatives (i.e. data ingestion, dashboards creation and enhancements, application of data science models)

o Collaborate with the data analytics squad and business units (BUs) to raise user stories and requirements, based on Agile Kanban methodology

o The actual analytics work may also be done by the candidate where applicable instead of using the resources from the data analytics squad

• Drive customer segmentation and preferences analytics projects

• Drive adoption and regular usage of the Tableau dashboards in Customer Datamart (CDm) portal among BUs and overseas stations

o Engage BUs and stations on their requirements to develop insightful Tableau dashboards

• Apply analytics on business problems and hypotheses using CDm data and other datasets to develop insights and recommendations

• Collaborate with BUs on transversal initiatives to improve customers’ experience, and support the data analyses required.

• For candidates with Data Science background, an optional path of direct Data Science involvement in customer-centric initiatives, on project basis, can be explored.


• A bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics or related field

• Experience in Tableau or equivalent data visualisation software

• Competent understanding of concepts in statistics, segmentation techniques, Data Science

• Experience in SQL, analytics tools such as Alteryx or programming skills in Python is an advantage.

• Experience in project management and leading cross-functional discussions

• Strategic-minded, analytical, meticulous and collaborative

• Independent in leading projects, exploring new initiatives, identifying and implementing quick wins and not be afraid to fail