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Executive Engineer (Automation & Robotics)


  • Design the basic architecture and business infrastructure to support the
    implementation of roll out of collaborative robotics across business units
  • Review  existing work processes and systems to identify opportunities for robotics solutions and control programs
  • Work with vendors/institutes on projects to lower the cost of implementation, and to refine solution for ease of integration
  • Manage projects with stakeholders and business units to implement identified solutions
  • Perform technical evaluation and feasibility studies of proposed solutions 
  • Liaise with consultants for recommendations on needs analysis
  • Lead procurement efforts and evaluate commercial proposals from technology suppliers
  • Develop integration plans for engineering solutions and integrate various improvement processes to increase efficiency


  • Singapore Citizen
  • Honours Degree in Electrical & Electronics / Aerospace Engineering  or related discipline
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Candidates with relevant experience in Mechanical Engineering (i) robotics and artificial intelligent systems or (ii) advanced industrial 3D-printers are preferred

Applicants may be placed in the position of Assistant Manager or Executive depending on experience and qualification


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