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Business Analytics Executive

The successful candidate will be part of a team managing business analytics projects in SIA to generate higher revenues and optimise costs.

Responsibilities include:

- Conceiving and prioritising analytics projects based on the airline’s strategic needs

- For each identified analytics project, carry out the following: - Project and budget management, with progress reporting to management

- Work with relevant business units to understand and document business requirements for hypothesis formulation. Scope the relevant analytics efforts required and derive the overall business case, with setting of performance metrics.

- Work with the analytics support and data teams for architecting and validation of solution as well as identification of datasets

- Maintain active management and ensure progress of the whole analytics modelling cycle, from data extraction and preparation to model output. Facilitate any business inputs required by the analytics support team during this process.

- High-level oversight of deployment of model output and subsequent maintenance

- Assist business units to obtain data required for any analyses or reporting purposes by leading data extraction efforts or establishing relevant data-marts

- Execute relevant tasks based on the overarching enterprise data strategy from an analytics perspective, including data acquisition, metadata management and improving quality of data etc.